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An abstract strategy game by Joshua Blaylock
Honey is an abstract strategy game that uses a unique lay and flip mechanic for matching 3 or more double-sided tiles to create and collect honey. Use strategic tile placement to create large matches and flip the tiles over to string multiple matches together.

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About the game

In Honey, the main goal is to create matches by laying and flipping tiles to earn points.  Players earn bonus points by creating longer matches and by chaining matches together.  Chaining is accomplished through an original flipping mechanic.  Each tile has a "Starting" side and a "Filled" side.  Tiles are played on their Starting side and flipped to the Filled side, where they remain on the board until they are used to create another match.  Because it is possible to flip a tile over and it immediately make a new match, through strategic placement, players can use this mechanic to chain multiple matches together.

Play solo or competitive

Honey can be played with up to 4 competitors or even solo.

In the competitive mode, you'll draw, play, flip and collect tiles in a race to get the most points.  To win, you'll need to plan ahead and set yourself up for some big point matches.  But be careful that you don't set up your opponent instead.

In the solo mode, you have to clear the board.  Create big point matches to increase your hand size so you can set yourself up for an epic finish.  But keep in mind that every point you gain during the game counts against you at the end.  The keys to winning are a quick finish and a low score.


Rules Overviews

We have posted the rules overviews for the competitive and solo modes of Honey. Scoll down to the Media section or head over to the Honey Board Game Facebook page to have a look.

Solitaire Competition

Honey placed 3rd in the Solitaire Print and Play Competition on BGG for both Best Puzzle/Abstract and Best New Designer! It was a great contest, and I got some amazing feedback from testers who really seemed to love it.